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all this has is

animation other then that its not funny at all.
i only like the animation.
but nice job youmade many happy and thats cool.
keep up the great work and thanks for submiting.

i'll give you a 10

but you see this type of animation all the time.
little girl finds something someone trys to take it away.
but its still decent
thanks for submitting.


like the great ehgoraptor is running out of ideas.
i mean this was horrible to me.
it wasnt funny was way to short and just boring.
could be longer. could of used more jokes acually based on the game. the whole coffe thing and looked like night vision gogles had nothing to do with crackdown.
crackdown was a great game wish they would make crackdown 2.

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never saw anyhting like this before. well some glitches

the ball keep going in a straight line you should make it bounce in different directions sometimes. the ball gets stuck inside the tetris peices. the ememy peice like shakes. ok game but different.


this was ok and its very over hyped ive seen hundreds on flashes that r a hundred times better.
overated score
this is a 3.70 4.00 at best.
could of been longer and a acualy game of somesort. im out peace

its decent

not the best but its ok. and medals should be up when flash is up.
unless you cant do that but if you can then you should have medals right away. i kinda dont like how its wide like it is but i see why.

thanks for submiting.

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very good.

i like this is very good.
fast pace nice beats.
great job.
thanks for submitting.

haha pretty good.

this is good infact i like it.
not the best thing though but its cool.
keep up the great work and thanks for submiting it.

that was great

i liked it. its was good. could have been more like louder i mean like metal and harder. i dont know how to say it like faster. but it was good. keep up the great work.

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great work

very well done. looks a little to much like kingdom hearts but o well. final fantasy 7 is the best video game of all time. like this and hope to see more from you.

the best

i have seen so far.


a bit weird but its cool.

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